Welcome to the DPL Children’s Room! Or at least our little corner of the Internet.

We are Miss Nicole, Miss Alexis, Miss Courtney, Miss Kathy, Miss Eileen, and Miss Kathryn, with help from Miss Donna and Miss Kathy L.! Together, we are an elite crime-fighting force–oh, wait…

Let’s try that again.

Together, we are an elite literacy-promoting force for good! Ask us how to find any information. We have the tools to help you find out about nearly any topic. Not only that, but we can also recommend great books, music, and movies. We put on story times and perform puppet shows. We love all crafts (even Minecraft!).

We’re working on making this a blog that can be a dialog between our patrons and ourselves. Help us out by posting your comments! Check out the links aboveĀ  for information on after-school programs and clubs, morning storytimes, and extra-special programs. You’ll also find a link to our awesome book review website, intended to help kids and their parents explore our chapter book collection with reviews written by us. It’s like we’re right there on your computer with you, making thoughtful book suggestions! :)

Thanks for being here. Let us know if we can help.